Artist's Statement by Mai Templeton

Growing up, I was surrounded by the folktales of my Norwegian culture. Tales of trolls, gnomes, and magical creatures permeated the comparatively dull reality of my life, serving as fodder for my already wild imagination. Oh, how I longed to live as one of the characters regaled to me in these stories! To wander through the magical forests filled with wondrous and mischievous creatures was a dream of mine that I so ever wished would come true.

As I grew older my imagination grew tamer but my hunger to live in other worlds only grew stronger. This, in part with their ability to create fantastical worlds that the average person could experience led to my fascination with video games. Division III gave me the opportunity to explore this medium further by providing me with the experience of realizing my fantasies through the use of a tool that made it possible for others to explore them with me. It was this and an urge to live out my childhood dreams that drove me to create a little world where one could immerse themself and not be afraid to get lost.