Mai-sunniva templeton

3D Artist/Animator and game designer ·




Game Design, 3D Animation, Modeling (High and Low Poly), Texture Painting, Rigging, 2D/3D art production, UI Design, Video Editing


Maya, Unity 3D, Sculptris, 3D Coat, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro



Python, Processing



Hampshire College, Amherst MA

Bachelor of Arts Degree - May 2015

Emerson Preparatory School, Washington D.C.

High School Diploma - June 2010



3D Artist and Animator – Word Snack HDBit Films/Fay Games

Amherst MA, September – December 2014

  • Released on the App Store and Google Play in December 2014.
  • Modeled the character Stella who has an opening chest mouth.
  • Animated various actions for 3 out of the 5 game characters.

Developer – East Of West Of – Hampshire College

Amherst MA, September 2014 – April 2015

  • Available to download on Mac and Windows PC.
  • Designed, Modeled, Rigged, Textured and Animated all characters.
  • Designed, Modeled and Textured all environment assets.
  • Designed and produced all UI and 2D assets.
  • Implemented all assets into Unity 3D engine.
  • Programmed entire game with the use of Adventure Creator by ICEBOX STUDIOS.

Game Designer, Lead 3D Artist and Animator – Wandering – Hampshire College

Amherst MA, April 2014

  • Designed and developed in 3 weeks as a part of the course Interdisciplinary Game Project.
  • Directed execution of 3D art as one of the two artists in a 5-person development team.
  • Designed terrain and modeled assets for 4 out of 5 worlds.
  • Modeled, Rigged, Textured and Animated the frog, fish and butterfly characters. 

Computer Animation 1 Teaching Assistant – Hampshire College

Amherst MA, January – May 2015

  • Assisted the professor during class time.
  • Helped students outside of class with their assignments.
  • Organized and led workshops outside of class. 

Game Designer, Concept and 2D Artist – 5 College 24 Hour Game Jam – Hampshire College

Amherst MA, September 27th 2013

  • Collaborated with others in a small group to develop a 2D free-running game in 24 hours.
  • Designed and created 2D UI elements.
  • Designed and created all backgrounds and obstacles.  

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