a collection of projects i've developed or contributed to 

East Of West Of

September 2014 - April 2015

A game designed and developed by Mai-Sunniva Templeton as a Division III project for Hampshire College.

Word Snack hd

September - December 2014 (Maya)

Made with 34 other students over the course of one semester. My responsibilities included: modeling Stella, animating her eat action, animating Kelvin's eat action, and animating all of Spike's actions. 

Early work


April 2014 (Maya, Sculptris, Unity, Photoshop)

The third three week game project completed for the Interdisciplinary game project class. My responsibilities included: game design, character modeling/rigs/animations/texturing (frog, fish, butterfly), object modeling for all worlds but the mushroom world, and terrain modeling for the forest, underwater, and butterfly worlds.

an alien world

March 2014 (Maya, Sculptris, Photoshop, Unity)

The second three week game created as a part of the Interdisciplinary game project class. Responsibilities for this project included: blue alien model/rig/animations/textures and heavy vegetation tile modeling and texturing. 

Dozy days

February 2014 (Maya, Sculptris, Unity)

First game created using Unity 3D created for a three week game project. I created character models, rigs, environment, and some assorted objects (water cooler, phone, computer, newton's cradle)