About by Mai Templeton

Mai-Sunniva Templeton designed and developed East Of West Of as a senior project during the academic year at Hampshire College. Believing video games to be artistic medium that allow for high levels of immersion, this project was an exercise in combining technical and artistic abilities to create a unique world which players are encouraged to explore. Development began in September 2014 and spanned 8 months until its completion in April 2015. Tools used during this time included Autodesk Maya, Sculptris, Adobe Photoshop, and the Unity 3D game engine, which was used with the visual scripting plugin Adventure Creator by ICEBOX Studios. 




2D Art, 3D Art, Game Design, Programming:

Mai-Sunniva Templeton


Audio Design:

Ramin Tabatabaie


Open Source SFX:




Special Thanks to:

Ira Fay

Chris Perry

Ramin Tabatabaie

Chris Burton - ICEBOX Studios

Liv Thulin

Stefan Templeton

Terje Nilsen

Jane Kutzbach

Vaughn Conboy

Elena Sotnikova

Storm Templeton

Al Stoney

Margo Dalal


Michael Barrow 

Aislynn Kilgore

Piper Odegard